Substation Best Practices Consortium

Facilitating Communication and Collaboration

The Substation Best Practices Consortium is a community of industry professionals led by a Utility Steering Group for exchanging ideas and sharing innovative and leading edge practices across the industry.

It brings together the leading North American electric utilities to solve common industry problems and understand how to achieve superior business outcomes.

The program promotes a web of working and networking channels between members to support ongoing sharing of data, information, technology and practices.

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Substation Best Practices Virtual Conference

The Substation Best Practices Consortium is the cornerstone of our program. This is where sharing and collaboration are at its best. The standard program starts with on-site interviews of the Member to identify practices, processes and technology that members are using to address the below topic areas. These interviews are used to create an agenda for the conference. During the conference the members will select follow-up activities or the rest of the year including the identification of three topics be included in a more Detailed Study to be part of the program report.

Background of the Consortium

In 2013, UMS Group was engaged by PG&E to conduct an industry study on Substation Inspection practices. The intent behind the study was to understand the opportunities that existed for more efficient and effective inspections in order to drive change in practices at the utility. The results of the study were compelling enough that UMS Group was further engaged to facilitate a two-day forum in which the participants were brought together to share their practices and discuss issues related to driving performance improvement.

The following year, UMS Group performed a similar effort around circuit breaker and power transformer maintenance. At the conclusion of the forum for this study, several of the other utilities, who had participated in both studies, expressed a desire to form an ongoing group focused on sharing around Substation Maintenance, Construction, and Asset Management. This resulted in the establishment of what is now known as the Substation Best Practices Consortium.

Program Objective

The Substation Best Practices Consortium’s objective is to build a “community” of industry professionals with similar interests exchanging ideas and working together to share innovative and leading-edge practices from across the electric utility industry.

UMS Group will serve in a coordination and facilitation role for the collaborative, including administering the program, conducting on-site interviews with members, performing analysis and development of collaborative deliverables, facilitating collaborative gatherings, and providing support to utility-led community working groups.

In addition, a Steering Group made up of member representatives will provide oversight and guidance for the program and will ensure that the collaborative provides quality and value to its members.

A Leader in Driving Best Practice

  • There is a pressing need for meaningful best practice sharing across utilities today. This program is led by knowledgeable leaders among the best North American utilities and facilitated by UMS Group’s operational experts.
  • Together, we have crafted a program that is focused on how top performers are achieving superior outcomes, and the underlying enablers in areas such as technology, people (training, safety, and productivity), innovation, regulation, and execution.


The Substation Best Practices Consortium strives to bring utilities together that can work to solve common industry problems and understand how to achieve superior business outcomes through technology, analysis, people (training, safety, and productivity), innovation, and execution.

Member Engagement

Participating Companies

Facts & Figures

  • Years of Service – 9 years
  • Steering Group Members – 5 including AES, PG&E, SCE, Evergy and BG&E
  • Number of Participants – 25 to 30 annually
  • Number of Participants at Conference – 50 to 60

Substation Best Practices Consortium User Community

THE ANSWER LIES IN COLLABORATION – in a forum of like-minded organizations and people banded together to share knowledge and learn from one another and foster peer relationships.

The group provides many ways for people to get together before, during, and after collaborative activities for continued knowledge sharing.


Substation Best Practices Consortium Tear Sheet


Client Feedback

“Anytime you can get representatives from various utilities to engage in discussion around process, productivity initiatives, innovations, and impacts to the business, it’s a plus.”

Client Feedback

“We attended the Substation Best Practices Consortium for the first time this past year. For the two of us, this was the one of the best conferences we have attended in our combined 70 years of attending events. We were very impressed with the overall content and open sharing of information!”

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