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With the scale and pace of the changes facing the utility industry, it’s more important than ever to have a clear understanding of comparative performance, to establish a quality network of peers, and to learn and share with that network the latest innovations and best practices. UMS Group’s Learning Consortia provide just that, with forums across a wide array of industries and topics providing insights into performance as well as best practice conferences held around the world.

We have various standing programs typically run on a 2-year cycle and also offer custom client studies on any topic of interest for benchmarking or data collection. Many of our programs are led by a steering committee of utility leaders, and the subjects are continually evolved to include the latest industry challenges. With ongoing travel limitations, we have shifted recent conferences to a virtual format and have also added a series of monthly webinars covering key topics of interest to the member groups. We’ve seen great success with the modified format and it has even increased participation and frequency of interaction amongst the peer networks. We plan to continue many of these new offerings, even after reconvening again in person for results conferences.     


This program consists of measuring performance in terms of service level and cost/productivity within transmission operations and maintenance. The methodology is also used for capital spending, asset management, operational processes, and key performance indications. ITOMS offers the possibility to gain insights and to identify and share the “best practices” that drive top performance via interviews with best practices.


The task of asset management is simply described: Allocating the right budget to measures and initiatives creating optimum value from the assets and acceptable risk exposure for the grid operator. But it is not that simply achieved.


The IWRMC is an industry-sponsored collaborative designed to facilitate the sharing of wildfire risk mitigation insights and discovery of innovative and unique utility wildfire practices from across the globe.


The Substation Best Practices Consortium is a community of industry professionals led by a Utility Steering Group for exchanging ideas and sharing innovative and leading edge practices across the industry.


This global exchange is bringing together more than 45 international utilities from existing UMS Group-facilitated Global Learning Consortia to explore, collaborate, and advance key elements of asset and vegetation inspection technology


The many changes in the energy sector are forcing generation companies to review their generation mix and ways of working. Safety is a key element that will drive the future of your company. Most apparent and addressed in the many global climate reports is short term safety for our environmental future.


Distribution companies all over the world are facing an increasingly dynamic and rapidly changing environment like the energy transition, digitization, decentralization, aging asset base and workforce, and increased regulatory pressure. All these challenges impact the operational performance of distribution companies. IDBC helps you to better understand these challenges and revealing industry best practices.

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