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Utilities are confronted by the complex process of managing risk and planning mitigating investments subject to financial, resource, and regulatory constraints. They need solutions to assist with this process.

Spend Optimization Suite (SOS) delivers the help they need. It supports the Strategic Asset Management Planning process to deliver an optimized portfolio of capital and O&M spending plans.

It enables asset managers, planners, and other stakeholders to work together to analyze and fine tune investments while managing risk and budget.


SOS in a nutshell: Acquaint yourself with SOS with this short (< 2 minute) introductory video.


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What You Can Achieve With SOS

Business Benefits

Draw on our experience from implementations at >40 companies worldwide. Some of our customers have achieved:



Increase in spend approved by the regulator


Reduction in mandatory spend designations


Reduction in non-essential capital spending

To meet compliance obligations and risk profile objectives, based on SOS outputs

Freeing up discretionary spending to achieve additional value and mitigate additional risk

With a value case to reinvest 18% in reliability and operational improvements

SOS: Designed to Meet Your Needs

Ensure Your ESG Goals are Built into Your Investment Decisions

The myriad internal and external pressures and constraints utilities face today make the investment planning process challenging as it is, much less considering newly emerging targets and priorities such as ESG goals. UMS Group’s Spend Optimization Suite (SOS) can align your strategic framework to these goals as well as justify progress towards the achievement of these goals by using data for ESG measures as minimum constraints in optimizing your portfolio.

For example, some of our clients use the following quantitative and qualitative ESG measures for investment scoring within SOS:


  • Carbon Footprint
  • Efficiency Savings (MWh)
  • Renewable Energy Generated
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Waste Minimization
  • New Solar Installations
  • Fleet Miles per Gallon
  • Potable Water Saved
  • Biodiversity and Heritage


  • Meeting Customer Needs (focusing on Environmental and Social Justice)
  • Employee Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Employee and Public Safety
  • Work Environment


  • Strategic Initiative Alignment
  • Stakeholder Relationships/Partnerships
  • ROIC

Not only does our SOS methodology allow you to evaluate your investments across such ESG criteria, but it also provides transparency around impacts to your goals and consequences of deferred investments, all while continuing to support your other existing strategic objectives, commitments, and constraints.

ESG and Beyond: Plan For your Current and Future Strategies with SOS Multi-View Optimization

Do you need to plan near term budgets using your current strategy and objectives, but simultaneously consider future goals and priorities in one or more alternate strategies? Are you struggling with how to evaluate and plan using different, and sometimes conflicting, strategic frameworks?

SOS can support a Business Value Framework configured into multiple different views – for example, a “Standard/Current View”, a “Sustainability View”, and an “ESG View”. This ability:

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  • Supports different organization and weighting of strategic objectives as well as the underlying success measures for investment evaluation (or even differing objectives/success measures between the two views)
  • Facilitates multi-dimensional and consistent Investment Value and Risk of Deferral scoring to pre-established measurement criteria, regardless of the chosen view being analyzed
  • Captures full value to be provided by each investment across perspectives
  • Provides insight into the extent to which investment portfolios achieve the desired outcomes across the views
  • Illuminates trade-offs between interest groups, i.e. board, customers, regulators, employees, community, etc., with potentially competing priorities


Strategic Objectives

  • Financial Performance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • Operations & Infrastructure
  • Environmental Impact


Strategic Objectives

  • People
  • Planet
  • Performance


Strategic Objectives

  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

Ensure that your bases are covered for the short term while also laying the foundation for future success.



– Distribution
– Transmission
– Generation


– Distribution
– Transmission
– Storage


– Steam/Chilled
– Wastewater Production and/or Distribution


– Airports
– Rail/Metro


Other Industries: Mining

SOS User Community

Through the Spend Optimization Suite (SOS) User Forum, our international client companies share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. Our inaugural conference was in 2005 and is held approximately every two years. Over 2-3 days, SOS users are able to make peer contacts, share challenges and best practices, and discuss the latest topics in risk management and investment planning. The group also provides key input to drive the development roadmap for continual enhancement of the application.

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