Case Studies


Transmission Line Span Asset Register Development

Many utilities have structures in their GIS, with long lengths of conductors (wire from splice to splice), but are missing assets called a “Span” (parts of conductors).


Collection of Transmission Structure Elevations

UMS Group automated the collection of elevation data for ~100,000 transmission structures.


Insulator Count and Features

The client discovered that insulator failure was a large portion of it’s transmission outages, and likely a large percentage of risk. But they had no data on individual insulators, and couldn’t identify or manage the associated risk of failure.


Misassigned Customers Identification

Knowing which customer is served from each transformer is essential for utilities to forecast load growth, EV penetration, associated system reinforcement investment requirements.


Substation Data Validation, Cleansing, De-cluttering, and New Data Creation

UMS Group was engaged to examine and repair data on substation assets in SAP.


Line and Structure Data Cleanup

UMS Group was engaged to perform an audit of the lat/long location of ~100,000 transmission structures on >1,000 circuits.


Substation Shape File Development

Development of 950+ substation fence shape files.

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