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The utility industry is in the midst of fast-paced and dramatic change. The decentralized feed of green power including distributed renewables and hydrogen, improving energy storage technologies, the IoT, big data, and robotics automation/AI/machine learning, combined with increasing customer expectations and regulatory pressures, are all driving the need for new strategic thinking and major business transformation. Across a range of strategic and operational focus areas, we deliver innovative, practical, and scalable solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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    At UMS Group we see it as our mission to support organizations in the inevitable transformation to the Utility of the Future. We recognize the need for assessing, re-thinking, and executing strategies on a boardroom level as a result of this global transformation, without losing track of the consequences these new strategies have on the reliability of your generation, distribution and transmission systems.


    Asset Management is associated with the management of physical assets throughout the life cycle. Setting up a proper asset management system in an organization leads to efficiency, quality improvement, and cost reduction, but perhaps the most important outcome is asset decision-making transparency.


    The aim of commercial asset management is to extract the maximum revenues from existing and future assets, taking into account the risk profile of the asset owner. Assets can be contracted as well as real assets (conventional generation, gas storage, district heating, renewable generation, waste incinerators).


    In 2013, the international standards of ISO 55000 were developed. ISO 55000 focuses on the development of a proactive asset management system to manage assets and asset systems over their life cycles. The system supports you in achieving the required performance and safety and optimizes your assets and reduces the total cost of ownership. The standard consists of three sub standards:


    As an Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Endorsed Trainer, UMS Group offers customized on-site training for project teams that are seeking IAM Qualifications and for organizations that are pursuing asset management best practices and ISO 55000 certification.


    In an industry transforming as rapidly as that of energy and utility companies, Portfolio Optimization is often a focus for continuous improvement as well as an area of scrutiny. Companies must prove that they are planning and executing their spend strategically, prudently, and optimally. Short term budgets must be aligned with long term strategic goals and support realistic budget, resource, and other constraints.


    Driven by climate change, wildfire-related risks continue to rise for utilities around the world. Our subject matter experts and industry partners work with utilities with historical or emerging exposure to wildfires to better understand their risks and to develop both strategic and tactical plans for addressing these challenges.

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