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Operational Performance Excellence

Increasing cost pressures are driving utility managers to identify performance improvement opportunities ‘hidden’ deep inside their operations.

Operational Performance Excellence (OPˣ) is a powerful analytic workforce and asset performance management tool. OPˣ gives utilities the ability to uncover productivity and efficiency improvements driving unneeded costs out of their organizations.

OPˣ identifies best practice areas enabling knowledge sharing across the organization. It provides focus on potential ‘bad actor assets’ that consume a disproportionately large share of operations and maintenance resources. These assets become candidates for replacement or refurbishment.

OPˣ delivers these insights by harnessing analytics, data visualization and powerful integration and automation technologies. It provides consistency and transparency into this process, delivering confidence in results and the power to act. Its integration and automation capabilities delivers results and insight more rapidly than previously possible, improving management’s decision-making ability.

As part of UMS Groups’ ‘eXcellence’ suite of products, OPˣ Improves field force productivity with speed, access and insight.