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Substation Best Practices Conference

UMS Group’s Seventh Annual Substation Best Practices Conference, will be hosted by Southern California Edison on Monday, September 23rd through Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 in Irvine, California. The focal points will be on substation construction, maintenance and asset management policies and practices. The objective will be to identify how companies are able to improve performance (both efficiency and effectiveness) of their substation personnel and assets. The conference will be comprised of a detailed look into Substation Technology, Operational Analytics, Asset Management, Work & Workforce Management, IT/OT Integration, Impact of Distributed Energy Resources on Substations and more......  To Register go to  (Open to utilities only --- no vendors)

The DRAFT Agenda (subject to change) currently consists of: 

    • IEC 61850
      • Efforts/Plan to Implement IEC 61850
      • Learnings from Broad Implementation of IEC 61850
      • IEC 61850 Roll-out
    • Risk Management / Mitigation
      • Using Risk to Drive Long-term Investment Planning
      • Best Practices in Wildfire Mitigation
      • Understanding System Risk over time
      • SF6 Density Monitoring
    • Operational Analytics
      • Substation Risk Composite Scores
      • Circuit Breaker OLM Pilot
      • Substation Data Acquisition & Monitoring System
    • Asset Management
      • Tableau Dashboards (Transformer Health, Battery Health)
      • Utility of the Future (Intelligent Substation, Advanced Energy Control Center, etc.)
    • Work & Workforce Management
      • Sr. Relay Tech Training Program
      • Contractor Construction Management Best Practices
      • Arc flash Safety
    • IT/OT Integration
      • Development of Utility Technologies Organization to Integrate IT and OT
      • Substation Cybersecurity Standard Development
    • Monitoring & Maintenance
      • 345 kV Breaker Maintenance Procedures
      • Advanced Transformer Monitoring Technology
      • Circuit Breaker Greasing Analysis
      • Stinger Switch Lubrication Tool
    • Enhanced Inspection Processes & Technologies
      • Use of Drones & Satellite for Inspection
      • High Impedance Fault Detection
      • Emerging Technologies from Australia in Aerial Inspections

This year's Program will also include 3 tours of Southern California Edison's facilities:

    • (1) Reliability Operations Center (EEI 2019 Award Finalist) that uses advanced analytics to detect system faults, energized downed wires, as well as provides advanced notice of potential equipment failure and identifies grid anomalies


    • customers report any issues;    (2) Grid Technology Learning Center where you will see the latest innovations in the Grid Modernization and Grid Resiliency technology in prototype and near-production states by visiting 5 labs:  Communications & Computing Lab, Power Systems Lab, Substation Automation Lab, Distributed Energy Resources Lab & the Controls Lab; and  (3) The Mesa Substation that is being constructed as a staffed, 3,360 MVA at 500/220 kV, 840 MVA at 220/66 kV, and 56 MVA at 66/16 kV substation.

This event is for utilities only where the attendees can bring up any issues they are having to see how other utilities are handling similar issues. We encourage early registration in order to reserve a seat.  For more information email

Registration Fee includes:

• Attendance at all conference sessions and participation in all breakout groups
• Meals during conference sessions (breakfast all three days, and lunch on Monday and Tuesday)
• Hosted Dinner both evenings 
• A masked copy of the Study report which will detail where the individual utilities stand compared to best practice will be provided to all attendees who provide requested data

Some of the Benefits of participating in the Substation Best Practices Collaborative:

• Industry-sponsored benchmarking, best practice study and conference focused on Substation Asset Management, Maintenance, and Construction.
• Focused program highlighting top performers achieving superior outcomes, and the underlying enablers in areas such as technology, people (training, safety, and productivity), innovation, regulation, and execution.
• Development of a unique network of contacts at the conference that will last through the year fostering shared ideas and relationships.

To sign up to receive information on future conferences or to request more information, please call 973-335-3555 or email