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International Water Utilities Consortium ("iWUC")

iWUC is a global industry-sponsored collaborative designed to help water utilities tackle major issues facing not just the industry, but the world, with challenges such as Security & Safety of Water Supply, Climate Change, Consumption Reduction, the impact of Climate Change on the Global Water Supply, Use and Management and much more. 

The members of iWUC will be tackling these issues while remaining keenly focused on operational efficiency to make sure the consortium can add value to the top and bottom line.   

iWUC will proactively tackle major issues caused by Global Warming / Climate Change by establishing and facilitating a system of working and networking channels between members of the global water utility community to support ongoing sharing of data, information technology and practices.

Member Utilities will design and implement strategies to prepare and mitigate the impacts of global warming and climate change by taking advantage of lessons learned by Member peers from around the globe through learning, innovation, analysis, assessment, and collaboration. To learn more about membership, contact us at

(iWUC) Value Case

New risk models and mitigation strategies will be required to understand and mitigate the impact climate change 

Member utilities will drive regional and global strategies together, addressing issues such as security of water supply and climate change, strategic and operational approaches to improving customer relationships, service, leakage reduction, and provide a practical link to a transparent and accountable quadruple bottom line.

The Consortium achieves that by driving insight and actions in three dimensions:

Strategy and best practice knowledge sharing through facilitated in-person and online sessions of specific working groups like drought management and leakage reduction;

KPI-driven performance measurement and management that highlights the linkage between leading and lagging indicators that will help all utilities perform more safely, better protect security of supply, and do so in a manner that continues a long industry-heritage of financial stewardship; and 

Innovation and technology focused learning to drive adaptation and scalability to face the challenges that are already here and lie ahead.

iWUC is here to support you in your continuous improvement, combining a unique approach of data collection with valuable industry best practice sharing.

  • Do you want to know where you stand in an international comparison?
  • Do you want to identify your largest learning fields?
  • Would you like to learn from the experiences of others?
  • Do you want to gain additional innovation knowledge to successfully overcome your industrial challenges?
  • Do you want to continue to improve?

Unique Proposition of iWUC

One of the objectives of iWUC is to support its peer group membership in providing high-quality, safe, secure, cost-effective, and sustainable water supply services.

Internationality: Tap into the experiences of your global peers
Balanced Approach: Rely on measurable and traceable data insights, while also enjoying the direct best practice sharing forum
Minimal Effort: the quantitative side of iWUC has been designed to provide valuable analysis and insights without requiring extensive data collection effort from members

Program Takeaways


During each yearly program cycle members share key challenges, strategies, innovative designs, new assets, tools, maintenance practices, and other best practices to simultaneously achieve cost reduction and productivity in their water networks.


In addition to the intangible learning experience, each iWUC member receives an individual report, identifying best practices and learning objectives using correlations between corporate level and asset-level insights.


The yearly best practice conference at the end of each iWUC cycle is the perceived highlight of the program. The peer-to-peer sharing event can ONLY be attended by iWUC members, thus creating a safe space for free exchange of ideas and innovations.


Become part of the iWUC network and tap into the experiences of global peers from all around the world to make use of the power of collaboration.

Member Benefits

iWUC combines Performance Assessment & Best Practice Knowledge Sharing with an Innovations Learning & Exchange Platform to help participant companies focus on strategic objectives and implement operational efficiencies.

Demonstrate superior performance to board members, regulators, and other stakeholders
Learn from leading practices, the success stories and pitfalls of peers
Gain insights in industry’s strategic direction, trends and innovations
Use the results for target settings in your annual business planning

The Origin of the iWUC Program

The iWUC idea was originally initiated by Abu Dhabi (Water) Transmission & Dispatch Company (Transco) driven primarily in recognition of the key strategic and operational challenges facing the water supply services sector. The absence of a platform that goes beyond traditional benchmarking that utilizes practical industry experience in combination with focused data analysis, insight & correlation, as evidenced by UMS Group platforms for other utilities such as power transmission and distribution, has transformed iWUC from concept to reality. iWUC was conceived to address industry challenges such as:

  • Water quality and scarcity reaching crisis proportions worldwide
  • Aging infrastructure and workforces
  • Stricter national and international regulatory requirements
  • Conflicting drivers within the water sector value chain
  • Increasing operational and capital investment costs

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