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International Utility Inspection, Insight, and Advanced Analytics Consortium

A Unique Global Learning Forum

This global exchange brings together more than 45 international utilities from existing UMS Group-facilitated Global Learning Consortia to explore, collaborate, and advance key elements of asset and vegetation inspection technologies, including:

  • Aerial Image and Data Capture,
  • Platform Mix,
  • Mission Planning,
  • Use of AI and Machine Learning to interpret results,
  • Automated Work Notification, and
  • Compliance Assurance 

During the forum, we study these items within the context of the increasingly extreme weather events, wildfires, increasing regulatory challenges, and a rapidly evolving technology landscape. Through a series of monthly webinars, this symposium will focus on how leading utilities use innovative inspection practices and advanced technologies to locate and prioritize problems, utilize new data sources to enable intelligent planning and risk assessment decisions, and drive efficiency through automated targeting of preventive actions.

This forum is unique and designed to provide maximum value in several key ways:

  • It is the first of its kind to cross-pollinate ideas and learnings from varying utility learning groups, such as those focused on T&D O&M, Asset Management, Substations, and Wildfire Risk Management
  • It is outcome-oriented and comprehensive in scope – not focused on one type of technology or use case, but designed to identify and leverage participant-driven use-cases from the strategic (e.g., optimal mix of drone, rotary, and satellite technologies), to the tactical (e.g., vegetation species identification and precision clearance measurements)
  • It is vendor-agnostic and free from supplier influence – enabling candid discussions about the pros and cons of potential solutions and driving insight into which technologies are “operational” “aspirational”; and
  • It leverages existing learning consortia infrastructure and approaches to drive faster, deeper insights amongst participants

UMS Group’s facilitation of the consortium has been essential… it’s too easy to get distracted with the priorities of today and lose sight of the issues that may arise tomorrow.

This forum recognizes the breadth of potential applications for advanced inspection processes and technologies and seeks to help each company drive maximum value from their investments. Our focus goes well beyond data capture to evaluate the end-to-end process and how data is used to generate insight and action. Our international collaboration will produce:

  • Strategic insights into program design and technology adoption, as well as detailed operational benchmarking
  • A utility-driven and owned technology and service leaderboard that highlights solutions with the greatest value
  • Tech Truth Sessions that allow participant utilities to introduce their peers to vendors and resources and share their unique experiences with extracting value from the myriad technology and supplier options available in the market

What Our Participants Say

“The forum has helped us to build our consortium mitigation organization by revealing industry best practices and showing us where the greatest leverage lies for improvement.”

Open Enrollment

This symposium is a first for UMS Group – it will be opened to all current members of our GLCs across the globe. This means that utilities who are full members in the participating consortiums i.e. ITOMS (International Transmission Operations and Maintenance), ITAMS (International T&D Asset Management), Substation Best Practices Forum, and IWRMC (International Wildfire Risk Mitigation Consortium), are all welcome to participate and add their voices to the collaboration, bringing together the best thinking available globally.       

The symposium is tentatively scheduled to launch on November 12, 2021, with open enrollment beginning on September 13, 2021.

This is a special offer to all utilities around the world who can benefit from and enrich the dialog around aerial inspection, imagery, AI and asset risk management. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to test drive the insights of a Global Learning Consortia and to benefit from the combined experience of 55+ international utility peers.