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International Transmission Asset Management Study (ITAMS)

ITAMS is a Global Learning Consortium conducted every two years by UMS Group. ITAMS is a study of Asset Management as a management discipline and assesses the full organizational context (operating model, processes, competences, information management, and IT-support) needed to perform value-based Asset Management. ITAMS creates insights into leading practices for improving the effectiveness (added value) of Asset Management and is aligned to ISO 55001. In this respect, ITAMS differs from the International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study (ITOMS, also conducted by UMS Group), where the focus is on measuring performance in terms of service level and cost/productivity across several key transmission sub-functions (individual assets) within transmission operations and maintenance.

The transmission business is confronted with a number of global issues, like high penetration of renewables undermining grid security, aging equipment and workforce, and increased regulatory pressure for improving reliability/availability without a proportionate increase in OPEX. Meanwhile, a major shift within asset management decision making is going on. Where the development in asset management went from reactive towards risk-based decision-making, digitalization enables companies to improve by moving to predictive and prescriptive decision making. All these issues and developments are each presenting unique challenges and opportunities. How do utilities cope with these issues throughout the world? What are their practices and how are they organized to meet the company's objectives? These and other related issues are addressed in the ITAMS program.

All participants emphasized the great value of being part of the ITAMS community, which gives them a benchmark that enables them to compare their Asset Management System, processes, competences, and supporting IT with others and inspires to develop and implement improvements to become or stay the best in class. They are convinced that ITAMS could become even more valuable if more TSOs would join the community and therefore call upon all other TSOs that want to improve their asset management by sharing with and learning from others

Benefits of participating in ITAMS:

Participants (25 Transmission System Operators worldwide over the past five cycles) highly appreciated their participation in ITAMS and confirmed that ITAMS:


  • Shows their position against similar organizations in both Asset Management practices and results (value realization).
  • Allows them to demonstrate when best in class (excellent according to ISO 55001) and is a unique way to illustrate their excellence to the board and certifying authorities.
  • Indicates, based on hard data, where there is room for improvement and where they are “best practice” which allows them to set their management agenda and develop a roadmap for improvement/change.
  • Is inspirational by both sharing and discussing best practices with peers, partly thanks to the guidance and support from an independent subject matter expert (UMS Group).

The scope of ITAMS:

The ITAMS program focuses on the tactical level of Asset Management. ITAMS determines the Asset Management Performance by zooming in on four key-areas: Operating Model, Process, Competences, and Information Management & Enabling Technology. To establish the effectiveness of Asset Management (Operational Performance), additional some Key Figures and most commonly used KPIs are assessed.


How to participate in ITAMS:

UMS is scheduling a new cycle for ITAMS, as a follow-up on the very successful past five cycles (2010 – 2018). Data collection will start in Q1 - 2020, and the Final Reports be delivered in Q4 – 2020. For more information, please download the document ITAMS 2020 Program Overview with an overview of the program, and high-level results and main take-outs of ITAMS 2018.

If you are interested in the ITAMS program or want to join ITAMS 2020, please contact Johan Huisma (program manager ITAMS) at or +31681766523 or Ed de Vroedt at or +31610266162.

ITAMS 2020                                 

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Participants ITAMS 2010 - 2018

ITAM participants 2010 - 2018