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A facelift with a difference – the asset management study IDAMS comes in a new look.

The fourth cycle of the 'International Distribution Asset Management Study (IDAMS 2020)' will start in March 2020. We would like to invite you to the next cycle.

You know that from IDAMS

By comparing and exchanging information with international peers, IDAMS provides an outside-in perspective on the level of maturity of your asset management system and the methods it contains for tactical decision-making. The comparison with international peers enables you to gradually improve your asset management system at the level of international leading practices.

IDAMS is based on ISO55000 and uses approx. 30 parameters to analyze the interaction of the standard requirements.

The new cycle begins in spring 2020 with the collection of relevant data, followed by an analysis phase and the draft report in autumn 2020. After reviewing and, if necessary, correcting the report, the final report will be available in early 2021. The IDAMS cycle will conclude in March 2021 with a final conference.


That is the facelift

So far, the architecture of your asset management has played an essential role in answering the questions. The architecture of your asset management is still taken into account at IDAMS 2020, but supplemented by questions about the output of individual processes, the monitoring and the treatment of deviations. This replaces the self-assessment of the participants in many places and replaces this with a fact-based assessment of the process results, which allow a better statement about the future viability of the process.

The participants are now members of the IDAMS community and pay an annual membership fee. We will gradually expand our range of services, which can be accessed with membership. One year of IDAMS - General is followed by one or two years with an IDAMS - Deep Dive topic (e.g. SAMP).

We have reduced the number of questions to a third of the level from the previous year. Collecting the data on your site and validating the data on our site are moving closer together. We start collecting the data with a two-day on-site workshop. You know your company, we know the IDAMS questions and relationships. During this time we will map your company consistently and efficiently in the IDAMS environment and facilitate the further compilation of the open data. The last two innovations mentioned will keep your internal work within a manageable range.

For a first overview, we have enclosed an IDAMS 2020 program overview.

We are at your disposal for your suggestions and questions and look forward to welcoming you as an IDAMS member in the coming year.

How to participate in IDAMS:

UMS is scheduling a new cycle for IDAMS starting in March 2020. For more information, please download the Program Overview IDAMS 2020.

If you are interested to become an IDAMS community member or have a request for more information please contact Mike Mischkalla-Schoen by email or by phone: : +49 2302 6634 692.