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Kick-Starter Maturity Assessment

Embrace Asset Management- WHERE ARE YOU IN ALL OF THIS?


Digitalization is the word of magic also for Asset Management, but what is this to you, to your organisation. Where are you now, where could you go – or simply put: HOW CAN YOU GET A GOOD CONTROL OF YOUR AM-SYSTEM?

We suggest you begin with a check where you are – A KICK STARTER!


The Kick-starter is a short but informative maturity assessment covering

  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Business risk management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Asset Information Management (AIM)

How will it happen?: During a three-day workshop with your key persons involved in your Asset Management we will in a dialogue cover questions on the four topics above. Besides a gap analysis it will also kick-start the change process and engagement in your organisation.

The Kick-starter will define your starting point: During the workshops you will expose how you see yourself; it will trigger discussions and thoughts. When we present the result, you will be able to assess what you can do. It will increase your control and be a guide to move forward.

It is about information: The larger picture of Asset Management is the starting point. The purpose of a good AIM is to support your Asset Management. Asset Information Management, AIM, is a key for this.

What is the true key question on Digitalization? The key question is how your information flow works and how it can be utilized and improved to serve your Asset management ambition. How are you managing your asset information today, what information do you have, what is the quality of it, who is responsible how do you steer and control it? You can have an abundance of information but without control you may be lost.


The Kick-starter will give your team the insights and inspiration to start moving towards Strategic AM practices!


We will of course tailor the Kick-starter to fit the specific need and situation you are in.


> The workshops lifted us from internal “speculations” to professional analysis. 
>  Ideal to start cross-functional improvement work that would otherwise not have been achieved.
> Very inspiring
> Insights that lead to improvement initiatives.
> A real eye-opener and kick-start to see the business from a more holistic perspective! ”

Kick Starter