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UMS Group supports EXE with development peer to peer power exchange

The energy transition impacts all participants in the Energy Market. Most market models are however still based on a design from the 90’s; a price driven market with large volumes per transaction between a limited group of participants. Nowadays, the market is driven by price AND environmental quality; locally produced green power is preferred over imported coal fired power, even if that implies a higher price. Many participants want to tailor price and quality to their own specific wishes, rather than buying a standard product from a conventional supplier. However, the current market is not suited for many small & tailored transactions between large amounts of participants.

EXE, a daughter company of the major grid company Alliander, hence decided to re-invent the energy market for the Netherlands: They did so by developing ENTRNCE; a system where ‘everyone’ can trade with ‘everyone’, without being hindered by minimum volume constraints, barriers to entry or doubts whether the green power is really delivered in the required environmental quality.

UMS Group was part of the project team which brought the concept from idea to actual product. Specifically, we were tasked to analyze, challenge and finetune the business model for a wide range of events (“risk analysis”) and to be the penholder for the delivery of the Rulebook. We did so by tailoring expertise from global energy markets to the development of the ‘peer to peer’ exchange, respecting the demands, wishes and constraints of the various stakeholders. The rulebook and the risk analysis provided a very solid framework for the SCRUM development team, enabling very efficient design and review sessions for the various Sprints. In addition, the risk assessment including the operational procedures provided confirmed senior management in their view that ENTRNCE fits well within the Alliander risk policies. Clients greatly appreciated the ENTRNCE framework, as demonstrated by the amount of clients who contacted EXE to participate in the pilot stage.

Rob van der Horst, business unit manager Entrnce: 

“UMS combined in-depth market insights with strict project management skills. Their work provided guidance and focus to my development team,
but equally important it also provided comfort to Alliander top management that “things where under control”.