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International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study (ITOMS):

This program consists of measuring performance in terms of service level and cost/productivity within transmission operations and maintenance. The methodology is also used for capital spending, asset management, operational processes and key performance indications. ITOMS offers the possibility to gain insights and to identify and share the "best practices" that drive top performance via interviews with best practices. The members have the opportunity to meet every other year at a targeted conference to share results from the analyses and insights regarding each participants' business environment. Explore change management issues and challenges within your organization with peer members that have already implemented similar processes, policies or practices. 

Benefits of participating in ITOMS:

  • Better ability to navigate the growing pressure for cost and performance improvement.
  • Examine regulatory issues and potential responses with peers.
  • Improvement verification provided through an independent, credible source. 
  • Receive a catalogue of insights and best practices from high performing companies

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