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AM Implementation - Gas storage facility

Business Unit Gas Storage of a major German Energy Company 

  • This BU Gas Storage has four different storage facilities at different locations each operating relative independent.
  • Market conditions for Gas Storage have changed dramatically and the outlook for the next 3 to 5 years is not very optimistic.
  • The board of directors had a strong believe that a stronger central governance supported by a mature Asset Management would help them through this challenging period. 

The Case

  • The main assumption made was that setting up a centralized risk based approach to evaluate all maintenance and technical improvement programs in one overall portfolio would help get maximum value for money and the most risk reduction per euro spent.
  • Implementing the ISO55xx Asset Management system is seen as a guiding reference to establishing a risk based Asset Management approach.


  • UMS Group first did a gap assessment to determine the current status against the ISO55001 requirements.
  • As a next step, a detailed roadmap was developed to bring the maturity of the AM-system to the targeted level set by the board of directors.
  • After approval, an implementation program started. The key elements that needed to be developed were the AM policy, the SAMP, Risk Register, Portfolio and Prioritisation method, and an AM dashboard. The specific approach applied is that UMS brought best case examples and these were shaped in the different workstreams to fit in the organisation.

The Results

  • The project has been delivered according to plan and within budget.
  • The maturity level of the AM system significantly improved.
  • Key deliverables: AM Policy, SAMP, AM-plans per asset type, Risk register, Portfolio of projects per location and consolidated, Risk based Prioritisation method, and an AM-dashboard.
  • The main success was that the annual budget cycle was run through the new risk based prioritisation process leading to a much stronger control position of the financial results.

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