Message from the CEO

John M. Shearman

John M. Shearman, CEO

Since 1989, UMS Group has been on a journey to:

  • Learn how industry leaders define and pursue value.
  • Identify and document the practices that drive sustainable change.
  • Discover the industry strategies and business models of tomorrow.
  • Redefine, create, and release value for our client companies and their stakeholders. 

In so doing, we offer innovative clients partnerships and proprietary approaches, backed by a unique blend of strategic and operational insights. This continues to be our advantage - and  remains a source of sustainable advantage for our clients as well. The pace of change is accelerating as are the opportunities and challenges that accompanies such change and we welcome the opportunity to share our perspectives. 

We continue to build an extensive library of databases (against which to benchmark performance and best practices) organizational design and business process models, and decision support tools, representing the unique experiences of the world's most successful organizations. Through our global perspectives, strategic capabilities, and carefully chosen alliances, UMS Group can offer methodologies for change that outpace those of the industry, resulting in what we call Best of the Best performance for our client companies. 

The lessons that we have learned on our journey of discovery can help you prepare for and navigate the significant challenges you are facing. Partnering with UMS Group has enabled many companies around the world to achieve dramatic and sustainable performance improvement and to create new sources of enduring value. If creating lasting change is important to you, we can help you move to world-class performance quickly, refine and implement your vision, align and mobilize your team, and ultimately set new standards of leadership in your industry.