Business Benefits

SOS: World Class Strategic Asset Management Planning

Draw on our experience from implementations at >40 companies worldwide.  Some of our customers have achieved:


Increase in spend
approved by the regulator

To meet compliance
obligations and risk profile
objectives, based on SOS



Reduction in mandatory spend designations

Freeing up discretionary
spending to achieve
additional value and

mitigate additional risk


Reduction in non-essential capital spending

With a value case to
reinvest 18% in reliability
and operational

Watch our video here that addresses common portfolio planning challenges

Some customers have been able to use SOS to reduce spend, primarily through rationalization of mandatory and alignment of spend to strategic and operational value and management of risk.  The predominant focus of SOS, however, is benefits realization through optimized investment spending.  This means maximizing benefits and risk mitigation within limited available resources.

Modular & Scalable

  • Modules can be purchased and implemented separately, allowing you to focus initially on your highest priority areas and grow the application with your business and data availability.
  • Connect to our AERO application for even more robust predictive analytics around economic replacement of critical assets.


  • Reap the benefits of a world-class, tried and true methodology and user-friendly application without the time and cost of a software-house enterprise IT application.
  • Our solution can be tailored to meet your needs – in terms of data availability, resource availability (during implementation), and customization.
  • Foundational to this process is the idea of maximizing value for the money spent. We’re confident the SOS provides the most “bang for your buck” of any solution on the market.


Configurable & Multilingual

  • Change is constant. The SOS is designed so that configuration changes can be made by client business administrators without third party involvement from programmers, UMS Group consultants, or even IT. This streamlines the process for business administrators, who are closest to the process and most familiar with the latest business needs.
  • The standard analytics and charts include tools to help the business administrator see when calibration tweaks might be needed to get the most value from the results.
  • The SOS can be configured in any language and in up to 3 languages simultaneously for multinational companies.

In-house Implementation Expertise Worldwide

  • UMS Group is first and foremost a consulting company, where every implementation team member has experience in successful change management.
  • UMS Group consultants provide top notch service and ongoing support, with personalized client managers assigned to every client. Talk to someone who knows your business rather than a generic helpdesk.
  • UMS Group has experts around the world, from North America to regional European offices to Asia Pacific.

Robust Optimization Engine

  • True linear programming optimization algorithms provide better results than simple prioritization or heuristics (though these are often touted as optimization).  This is especially applicable in the case of multiple constraints (i.e. budget, scarce resource types) and more complex scenarios.

International Standard Support (ISO55000)

  • The SOS is aligned with and supports achievement of international standards such as PAS55 and ISO55000.
  • UMS Group is both an endorsed IAM assessor and corporate member, and we bring this expertise to every implementation.




  • Standardized flat file upload functionality to batch import new or update existing data is included out of the box. The application creates a template which is immediately responsive to configuration changes. No need for IT, customized programming, or “black box” integration rules.
  • If you’d like something more direct, UMS Group technical experts can work with you to accommodate customized import/export requirements with existing systems using various common integration approaches.

Consistent Corporate-Wide Platform

  • The SOS provides a platform for effective investment decision-making across the entire business. This is accomplished through a robust process for quantifying the benefits of each proposed project and consistency across the organization in how individual projects will be evaluated.
  • Some companies have used SOS to optimize a common budget across business units or regions to meet various goals, such as reliability targets.