Benefits & Features

~5 - 15%

Increase in productivity

up to 10%

In O&M savings

20x ROI

Within 5 years


The OPˣ Value Proposition

  • Identify opportunities for performance and productivity improvement - field force and key assets
  • Measurable reductions in O&M spending from performance improvements
  • Big ROI justifies investment
  • Timely, consistent, transparent access to critical decision-making and planning information


Access to Information

  • Questions answered in minutes instead of hours
  • OPˣ integrates multiple data sources and becomes a single source of truth for all performance reporting (a “One-Stop-Shop”)
  • Quickly and easily drill down into data and results to discover issues, patterns, trends and improvement opportunities


Expedited Results Reporting

  • Too much time is spent extracting data, analyzing and producing reports, consistently leaving supervisors and managers one step behind
  • OPˣ automates this process, disseminating the important/relevant information to those that need it sooner and/or more often
  • It will reduce the wasted time reviewing indigestible reports that provide little value (“Data Overload”), and shift focus onto driving positive change

Improve Performance & Reduce Cost

  • Best internal practice identification & Productivity improvement through transparency
  • Transfer spend from O&M to Capital by rapidly isolating poorly performing assets.  Understand what is costing you the most money and why
  • Empower the teams.  OPˣ will help supervisors and managers develop a proactive stance with respect to owning performance in their areas



Tighter Target Setting

  • Analysis through OPˣ provides users the insight for setting more granular targets, by isolating cost and performance by asset age, manufacturer, voltage, location, etc.. With more accurate information, and access to historical trends, jobs can be planned much more effectively
  • Overtime targets can be set based on workload and ratios of staffing levels to assets, or other factors. Overtime targets for the department no longer have to be “one size fits all”
  • Use historical data to define local staffing levels and O&M Budgets in a more fact based way. Then monitor and be able to adjust them based on developments throughout the year

Data Quality Improvement & Awareness

  • OPˣ will be an eye opener in respect to data quality. By measuring / reporting the quality of data, the line organization will begin to see the relevance and importance of data, and the necessity for accurate data collection and record keeping
  • This drives a virtuous cycle, measurement leading to focus, and to data accuracy, and therefore better measurement and sustainable data quality

Automated Reporting & Alerts

  • Reduce your compliance risk
  • Automated weekly, monthly and annual reporting which will reduce cost of staff to produce, reduce the risk of errors in reports, and enable analysts to be reassigned to performance analysis / interpretation
  • Alerts sent via email to relevant audiences when certain thresholds have been breached, or conditions met