DRˣ for Reliability Optimization

Target Each Dollar for Maximum Reliability and Customer Benefit

Common Challenges

  • Utilities are under pressure to meet constantly tightening targets under changing conditions and don’t have the necessary tools to prove how regulatory framework changes could be mutually beneficial to the company, regulator, customers, etc.
  • It’s difficult to pinpoint the specific circuits and segments for specialty programs and how much to spend
  • Complex questions take a long time to answer, for example - forecasting YE performance vs. annual reliability targets and identifying necessary reallocations of spend/resources and costs

How DRˣ Can Help
Our solution helps extract maximum value from your reliability and asset data. The Reliability Optimization Module leverages utility and 3rd party data, along with AI and proprietary modeling techniques to help plan programs and meet targets, optimizing reliability and related spend, and providing clear evidence for stakeholders of best value achievable.