DRˣ for Executive Decision Support

Critical Insights at Your Fingertips

Common Challenges

  • Siloed data that requires manual queries, joins and integration to understand drivers and relationships
  • Data errors and gaps, requiring time-consuming investigations and corrections
  • Custom downloads and reports required from IT to compile data
  • Significant effort and time to answer questions and calculate results
  • Delays in answers for Impatient stakeholders diminishes credibility
  • Decisions often driven more by historical experience and anecdotes than by data

How DRˣ Can Help
Our solution helps executives, managers, analysts, and engineers manage the metrics essential to leadership and regulators and merge related but disparate data sets such as location, environment, cost, asset characteristics, and customers affected to deliver rapid insights in minutes for questions that took hours or days before. This enables better and faster decision making, more effective priority setting, improved accuracy of reporting, and optimal targeting and allocation of reliability and system resiliency investments.