DRˣ for Enhanced Customer Experience

The Data You Need to Make an Impact

Common Challenges

  • Valuable reliability data resources are organized to support operational and regulatory reporting, not customer impact
  • Significant untapped value lies in the Reliability data of most utilities, as opportunities for proactive communications and enhanced Customer Experience are missed
  • Customer perception differs from fact (actual reliability), but without ready access to the data, CSRs are unable to manage that and compliance management
  • Customers are unaware of company initiatives and work being done to improve their reliability, and in the absence of that information often assume the worst
  • Overlooked customer touchpoints often result from the failure to integrate currently siloed data sets

How DRˣ Can Help
Our solution helps extract the full value from reliability data. The Customer Experience Module leverages the data typically owned by other groups to drive enhanced customer experience. Give CSR’s customer-level reliability data at their fingertips, provide individual customer report cards, and drive enriched communications, transparency, touchpoints, and dialogue. DRˣ will allow your Customer Service organization unparalleled insights into reliability data and the impact of programs and planned investments on individual customers:

  • Provide CSR’s timely data to fully understand the individual customer’s reliability experience
  • Communicate to customers system and green initiatives, as well as planned work that will strengthen their part of the system and thereby  improve their reliability
  • Demonstrate to the customer that the company is committed, competent, and caring regarding their safety and quality of service