Benchmarking Analyses

UMS Group has, over its 28 years of existence, perfected the use of a 2-dimensional view of performance, calling for the simultaneous measurement of cost and service level in conducting performance diagnostic and comparative analyses. Even in efforts where the focus is on cost, one must still factor for the reality that maintaining an acceptable level of service (e.g.; reliability, power quality and customer service) is vital; and therefore, any comparisons must factor for varying levels of customer expectations; and ensure any recommendations to drive a reduction in unit costs accounts for these variances. In applying this underlying framework, and deploying appropriate normalization processes to maximize the likelihood of valid comparisons, UMS Group offers a variety of services to our clients: UMS Group’s is has an continues expanding database of utility KPIs on company costs, service levels, and best practices along with well-designed normalization process make creation of insightful and relevant benchmark reports possible. We offer different services from our benchmarking team.

  • Global Learning Consortia. All learning consortia facilitated by UMS Group are supported by a dedicated team of analysts focused on establishing data collection frameworks, data validation,  normalization, and presenting analytics to support performance improvement action planning.
  • Client Sponsored Studies. UMS Group also facilitates smaller consortia, targeting specific issues, assets, practices or topics deemed relevant at the time; and where our clients can benefit in a cost-sharing manner, from such comparisons.
  • KPI-Benchmarks. Leveraging UMS Group's ever-expanding library of data and best practices, cost and service level comparisons of industry KPI's are often performed.