AERO Benefits & Features

  • Delivers an optimized spending plan and manages risk over a long term planning horizon
  • Provides transparency to regulators, management and key stakeholders
  • Evaluates spending options to find the best solution – repair versus replace, automation, reconfiguration

Evaluating Asset Health / Data Driven

Available data, such as historical failures, asset condition, reliability projections, tests, customer surveys, and the tacit knowledge of subject-matter experts are foundational.

Considering Risk due to the Consequence of Failure

UMS Group’s AERO integrates asset health indexing, consequence of failure, and the cost of intervention to make a long-term projection of required spending, and to help prioritize near-term projects where resources are limited.

Transparancy Supports Regulatory Fillings

The approach and resulting spending recommendations have proven to be persuasive to executives and regulators. Assumptions and methods can be reviewed and continually improved.

Using Subject Matter Experts to Ensure Success

UMS Group’s management consultants provide you with guidance in developing and configuring the models to meet your requirements.

Integrated into your Environment

AERO seamlessly integrates with your key data sets.  Our consultants assist with the automation and validate the results.

Decision Support Provides Deep Insight

UMS Group’s AERO tool harnesses data visualization and analysis as well as powerful integration technology to enable more effective decision making.