Substation Best Practices Conference

The Substation Best Practices Collaborative was established as a joint effort by North American electric utilities interested in learning from each other by sharing and comparing data and practices in the areas of Substation Maintenance, Construction, and Asset Management. The group conducts an annual study which focuses on different challenges that the industry is facing each year. Based on the practices identified in the Study, an annual conference is held where the participants present and discuss best practices. Their objective is to understand how companies are able to improve performance (both efficiency and effectiveness) of their substation personnel and assets.

UMS Group’s Sixth Annual Substation Best Practices Conference, will be hosted by Baltimore Gas & Electric on Monday, October 22nd through Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. The focal points will be on substation construction, maintenance and asset management policies and practices. The objective will be to identify how companies are able to improve performance (both efficiency and effectiveness) of their substation personnel and assets. The conference will be comprised of a detailed look into Contractor Management, Commissioning, Asset Health/Economic Modeling, On-line Monitoring, Condition-based/Predictive Maintenance, Safety, Training/Augmented Reality, New Technology/Substation of the Future and Productivity Management/Continuous Improvement. This event is for utilities only where the attendees can bring up any issues they are having to see how other utilities are handling similar issues. We encourage early registration in order to reserve a seat.  For more information email

Registration Fee includes:
• Attendance at all conference sessions and participation in all breakout groups
• Meals during conference sessions (breakfast all three days, and lunch on Monday and Tuesday)
• Hosted Dinner both evenings 
• A masked copy of the Study report which will detail where the individual utilities stand compared to best practice will be provided to all attendees who fill in and complete a copy of the study survey

The Substation Best Practices Conference is typically held in October each year. 

The Agenda (subject to change) for the 2018 Substation Best Practices Conference:

Substation Innovation:
•Touchless Substation Pilot, with Footprint Reduction
•Smart Substation
•Substation Design
•Installation of largest battery storage facilities in the US
•Reliability Enhancement Program
•Panel Discussion: Substation Innovation

Asset Risk Management (AM Execution):
•Asset Management Website
•Integrated Operations
•Predictive analytics for transformer failures
•Latest progress in use of Pi Historian to track asset and operational data from substations and UG Networks
•Asset Management Execution
•Asset Health Modelling
•Panel Discussions:  Asset Management / Asset Health

Contractor Management/Commissioning:
•Supplier Sponsorship Program
•Contractor Scorecard
•Dedicated Commissioning Role
•Panel Discussion Contractor Management/Commissioning/Open Discussion

Productivity Management:
•Demo / case study - use of OPx platform for productivity management
•Presentation of MOx platform for productivity improvement
•Others driving improvements in productivity
•Panel Discussion – Productivity Management

•Asset Management of the Future
•Lessons Learned from the WECC Audit
•Maintenance Program Overhaul
•Efforts to Reduce Inspections
•Ultrasound Inspections for Substation
•Use of Meter Data in pinpointing distribution issues
•Panel Discussion: Maintenance
•Panel Discussion - ISO 55000/PAS55

Safety/Human Performance:
•Contractor Safety Best Practices
•Safety for Tree Trimming/Human Performance
•Initiatives in Human Performance
•Panel Discussion - Safety/Human Performance

•Training Program for Comm Techs
•Electrical Technical Training
•International Training Best Practices
•Training Videos
•Panel Discussion: Training

Peer Group Feedback:
•Discussion of directions and changes for next year (program cycle)
•Identify WebEx topics of greatest interest, any projects of joint interest in pursuing, and any interest in international best practice exploration?

Some of the Benefits of participating in the Substation Best Practices Collaborative:

• Industry-sponsored benchmarking, best practice study and conference focused on Substation Asset Management, Maintenance, and Construction.
• Focused program highlighting top performers achieving superior outcomes, and the underlying enablers in areas such as technology, people (training, safety, and productivity), innovation, regulation, and execution.
• Development of a unique network of contacts at the conference that will last through the year fostering shared ideas and relationships.

To sign up to receive information on future conferences or to request more information, please call 973-335-3555 or email