Substation Best Practices Collaborative

The Substation Best Practices Collaborative was established as a joint effort by North American electric utilities interested in learning from each other by sharing and comparing data and practices in the areas of Substation Maintenance, Construction, and Asset Management. The group conducts an annual study which focuses on different challenges that the industry is facing each year. Based on the practices identified in the Study, an annual conference in held in which the participants present and discuss best practices. Their objective is to understand how companies are able to improve performance (both efficiency and effectiveness) of their substation personnel and assets.

Benefits of participating in the Substation Best Practices Collaborative:

• Industry-sponsored benchmarking, best practice study and conference focused on Substation Asset Management, Maintenance, and Construction.
• Focused program highlighting top performers achieving superior outcomes, and the underlying enablers in areas such as technology, people (training, safety, and productivity), innovation, regulation, and execution.
• Development of a unique network of contacts at the conference that will last through the year fostering shared ideas and relationships.