International Distribution Benchmarking Consortium (IDBC)

Distribution companies all over the world are facing an increasingly dynamic and rapidly changing environment like the energy transition, digitization, decentralization, aging asset base and workforce, and increased regulatory pressure. All these challenges impact the operational performance of distribution companies.

IDBC helps you to better understand these challenges and revealing industry best practices …

The program provides a framework to assess operational performance like Profitability, Reliability, Safety, and Compliance in relation to the challenges distribution companies are facing in preparing the networks to become more flexible in the near future and how to respond to the impact of renewables and distributed generation on grid planning, reliability, and power quality.

IDBC takes your company through 3 crucial phases:

1. Assess performance: IDBC provides a framework for comparative analysis of operational performance, trending industry topics and drivers of change;
2. Knowledge sharing: Learning from peers, sharing leading practices and business cases;
3. Improve performance: Accelerate transition using business cases and lessons learned from peers.

Benefits of participating in IDBC:

• Improve network reliability by reducing the number and duration of interruptions
• Using smart grid and smart meter roadmaps designed by best practices
• Prepare their network for the impact of DER (distributed energy resources)
• Optimize the financial expenditures in new build and maintenance
• Optimize maintenance strategies to lower costs and risk at the same time
• Improve safety performance by creating a safety culture, and reporting structure

For more information, please download the Program Overview IDBC or look at the short introduction video below. If you are interested in the IDBC program, please contact Ed de Vroedt or by phone: +31610266162.

UMS GROUP | IDBC from MvB Motion Pictures on Vimeo.