International Distribution Benchmarking Consortium (IDBC)

The scope of the IDBC focuses on benchmarking the performance of DSO’s operations, highlighting the interface between ‘what’ and ‘how’. The IDBC framework has been developed based on the alignment principle from PAS55/ISO55000 and connects strategy to performance. It consists of 6 distinctive levels, from business value to success factors, KPIs, practices and even policies/or strategies. The most important drivers for success (or failure) in the Business Values are defined.

The program items which IDBC covers are: Safety, Quality of Supply, financial for electricity and/or gas grids. The framework also includes the challenges DSO’s are facing in preparing the networks to become more flexible in the near future and how to respond to the impact of Renewables (RES)/Distributed Generation on grid planning, cost structure, reliability, power quality, etc. Furthermore it looks at grid automation, asset related operational technology costs (cost of operational technology like SCADA, EMS, SMART metering, etc.) in relation to the grid performance.

Benefits of participating in IDBC:

  • Improve network reliability by reducing the number and duration of interruptions.
  • Optimize the financial expenditures in new build and maintenance.
  • Improve safety performance by creating a safety culture and reporting structure.
  • Receive a catalogue of insights and best practices from high performing companies.