Peer Group studies (Learning Consortia) and benchmarking

The energy industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Traditional fuel sources are being replaced by renewables, which has major consequences for network operation. A tighter regulatory landscape demands a focus on compliancy. Companies are forced to rely on outdated networks, have to deal with an aging workforce and there is a continuous pressure to keep costs low. On the other side there is increasing demand for security of supply and higher customer expecations.

In order to develop the right strategy, understand the market and increase performance, comparing your products and processes with those of other similar organizations can be very useful. For over twenty years, UMS Group has made significant investments in building the most powerful database of performance comparisons, practices and processes. Through the use of benchmark products we give utility companies an insight into how well they perform compared to similar organizations. We believe benchmarking and best practices analyses can provide a strong foundation for comprehensive performance planning and subsequent implementation of performance improvement initiatives within the business.

We offer the following learning consortium programs on a 2-yearly basis: ITOMS and ITAMS for transmission companies and IDBC and IDAMS for distribution companies. The programs IGBC (generation) and NAMITS (transmission) can be offered upon request.