Asset Management Transformations

Do you have experience with dealing with consultants who have too little understanding of your business, who do not speak the language of your company and who do not come up with useful solutions? With UMS Group you will never encounter these issues. UMS Group experts have felt the responsibility for managing assets within an organization. This experience and the insights they have obtained are incorporated in our vision on Asset Management Transformations. In over twenty-five years of business, UMS Group has supervised and facilitated these transformations on a global scale.

From our vision of Strategic Asset Management, UMS Group uses a model with four basic elements. Two of them are considered to be "Core" to Asset Management and two are considered to be "Enablers" of Asset Management. The two "Core" elements form the basic structure in which a new organization can be build. The two "Enabling" elements are still essential because they make it possible to develop a Risk Based Asset Management organization within the established structure.

Project Approach

  • The way to "best practices" in Strategic Asset Management
  • Diagnosis
  • (Re) design of the identified potential improvement
  • Training and testing the design through pilots
  • Broad implementation of Asset Management
  • Optimization

In our view, a Strategic Asset Management system consists of some basic elements that need to have a strong alignment. Examples of these elements are risk management, asset strategy, portfolio optimization and performance management. As UMS Group we have productized these building blocks based on global best practice examples.