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UMS Group opens subscription to new cycles for their learning consortia IDAMS and ITAMS

Recently UMS Group started up the preparations with regards to the next cycles of their learning consortia IDAMS and ITAMS. IDAMS is a study of Asset Management as a management discipline especially designed for distribution companies. ITAMS is the equivalent of IDAMS however designed for transmission companies. The framework of both programs have strong linkage to the PAS 55/ ISO 55000 standard, to measure the effectiveness of the Asset Management function.

Last March the 2016 cycles of IDAMS and ITAMS were completed with successful participant-driven ‘practices conferences’. In the context of the ongoing transition in the energy market, participants shared the latest status and developments in the areas of change and risk management implementation, maintenance strategies and strategic asset management plans. The IDAMS participants represented distribution companies from Austria, Finland, Portugal, Germany and The Netherlands. Transmission companies from USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia participated in the ITAMS program.

The ITAMS benchmark is a great opportunity to share information between TSOs about asset management policies and strategy and to have an idea if the actual organization structure is asset management focused and, if not, what can be added to reach the target

Open for new participants!

Most of the participating companies in the 2016 cycles have indicated to participate again in the 2018 run. In addition to these companies both programs are now open for new participants. First step in the process is the design review of the program to further improve it. The design review will be finished this year. In 2018 the data collection will take place as well as the delivery of the reports and the performance diagnostics. The 2018 cycle will end early 2019 with the practices conferences. In the coming months we will keep you informed about the startup of the new cycles with interesting insights which IDAMS and ITAMS can deliver.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact us at You can also download the e-books published with regards to the ITAMS and IDAMS 2016 runs.


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