Careers at UMS Group

How many times have you heard that "our people are our greatest asset?" Nowhere is this more true than in the management consulting business. UMS Group’s first and foremost priority is to be staffed with the very best talent available. And we are happy to say that we are able to recruit and keep the

best and the brightest. Keeping that talent requires that we make the work rewarding and provide a path that allows our employees to advance their careers as they grow and develop their personal competencies. It is also our priority to make the work fun.

Jump in with Both Feet
At UMS Group, we are dedicated to helping our employees engage in a career that is rewarding both personally and professionally. We are committed to developing our employees' skill sets and competencies, enhancing their professional networks, and giving them significant client exposure from the moment they arrive. We have great confidence in even the most junior member of our staff, as we believe that our employees' growth and professional advancement should be limited only by their ambition.

Global Opportunity
UMS Group recruits employees in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We offer the opportunity to travel, work with overseas peers, and gain exposure to clients from many cultures.


We are seeking entry level and experienced consulting and leadership staff to deliver superior value to our clients and to support our growing global management consulting business. If you are interested in a fast track to significant professional responsibility and commensurate rewards, please email your resume to

Partner/Senior Business Development Executive in the Utility Industry
Are you well connected in the utility industry? Do you have a successful track record of selling strategic consulting projects and building durable client relationships? Do your clients consider you a thought leader? Are you able to attract, develop and retain a high powered team around you? Do you want to be part of an organization with a reputation for insight, depth of content knowledge, strategic breadth and delivery excellence? If so, we are interested in hearing from you. UMS Group North America is in a high growth period and looking to add talent and a breadth of new capabilities. Please send resume along with an outline of your interests and ambitions.

Consulting Associates/Senior Associates in the Utility Industry
UMS Group is looking for people with operations, planning and technical experience in the utility industry (4 to 10 years). UMS Group is well known for our access to utilities, and our ability to develop and transfer insights and industry best practices from around the world. We need people who are good problem solvers, self-starters, innovative, excellent communicators and writers and who have ambition to get beyond a single company, to understand the big picture, rapidly assimilate information, knowledge and experience and build their marketability and value within the utility industry on an accelerated basis. In the course of executing their functions, will:

• Evaluate utility performance, identify performance gaps and provide support to implement gap-closing performance improvement plans,
• Assess the effectiveness of processes and performance against industry standard metrics, identifying and quantifying improvement opportunities,
• Facilitate process redesign and strategy development efforts, and
• Develop decision-support tools and models. Drafts reports, proposals, technical position papers and presentations.

Consulting can be a short-cut to the executive suite as it teaches you strategic perspective, the big picture and innovative new ways to look at current and future problems. Advanced degrees are a plus, but not necessary. Undergraduate in engineering -- electrical, mechanical, or industrial – strongly preferred.

Senior Consulting Project Managers
UMS Group is looking for people that understand the utility industry, and have substantial prior experience in managing consulting projects with a track record of delivering on time, on budget, with delighted customers and substantial innovation and new IP development on each project. The successful candidate should be able to cultivate and sustain client relationships at the executive level and have a demonstrated history of being able to identify, propose and close on follow-up opportunities within the project client organization. It is also critically important to be able to manage less tangible factors such as strategic intent, political sensitivities, inter-personal alignment and motivation issues and able to quickly identify intrinsic opportunities to extrapolate client projects into products and templates that can be used on other client engagements.

Management Consultants Needed
UMS Group is looking for talented personnel with 2 to 4 years industry experience (or equivalent through the military) and a strong technical orientation who are looking for an opportunity to apply their problem-solving abilities to management consulting for the utility industry. We have positions that offer great opportunities for learning and developing new skills with the potential for rapid increase in responsibility and compensation. If you don’t mind travel, have an interest in continuous learning, consider yourself a hard worker and great technical problem solver, give us a call. An advanced degree, though not required is a plus, as is familiarity with Lean 6-sigma and process improvement practices.