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International Transmission Operations and Maintenance Study

The International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study (ITOMS) is a consortium of international transmission companies that work together with UMS Group, comparing performance and practices and identifying best transmission industry practices worldwide.  UMS Group facilitates and provides program management and analysis expertise to the consortium in conducting the study.  The program has enabled in-depth comparisons to be made in this area, and has facilitated the exchange of information and ideas on performance improvements and innovative working practices.  As a result of these mutually beneficial exchanges, participating companies have a developing understanding of the best practices in their field.

Numerous companies have been part of the ITOMS study since 1994. Most of these companies have implemented performance improvement initiatives identified as a direct result of their participation. The consortium believes that there is a great value in both the consistent source of relative performance information and the open sharing of idea, strategies, tactics and practices.

UMS works with an elected Steering Group of company representatives from each region (North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia/Pacific) to keep the bi-annual program fresh and focused on current issues for the industry, while protecting year to year comparability of data and trending capability. We believe that the quality and consistency of performance information available through the consortium is the best available from any source around the world.

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