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Utility asset management, performance benchmarking, and rate case support are just a few of the solutions we provide for utility industries. UMS Group is an international utility management consulting firm specializing in the global energy and utilities industries. Our clients include over 400 of the world's leading companies, including those in developing or recently liberalized markets.

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UMS Group is an international Utility Management Consulting firm founded in 1989 to serve the global Utilities industry. We specialize in enterprise-level value creation, performance management solutions and utility asset management. We bring to our clients a unique knowledge of global industry best practices, an advanced library of diagnostic methodologies and performance benchmarking data, and our worldwide base of utility strategic and operational expertise, including utility asset management.

We combine experienced utility consultants and seasoned industry professionals with world class tools and intellectual capital to assist our clients in diagnosing problems, designing solutions, and implementing change.


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